"Paul Bocuse and the chefs du Monde are visible on my 2nd Website: www.scenesdechefs-collections.gallery thank you for your understanding, best regards, Jeff".
Biography. Extract

Photographer and author Jeff Nalin specialises in fine art photography, portraits and photos of chefs working. From Paris to Tokyo, this master photographer uses his instinct to shoot Michelin-starred chefs (more than 600 to date) or talentuous chefs. Paul Bocuse has even commissioned him as his official photographer. Jeff Nalin conveys the atmosphere in the kitchens, the controlled excitement and the chefs’ concentration. He manages to express their individual personalities and values: passion, emotion, excellence, but also simplicity and instinct.
Since June 2013, the Portraits de Chefs® exhibition featuring close to 90 of his black and white portraits of chefs and photos of kitchen atmospheres and brigade has been on display at the Relais & Chateaux Flocons de Sel hotel in Megève, France. Art and gastronomy form a great combination to the delight of the hotel and restaurant’s customers.

Agnes Caso, from the portrait by Françoise Puvis de Chavannes