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Table Art

Table art
The elegant Napoleon III style building, is called "Villa Soleil" by Auguste Villemessant, founder of the newspaper "Le Figaro" in 1870. It was in that year that begins building with some friends. The idea was to create a rest home for artists and writers. That year, "Villa Soleil" was fully completed and inaugurated. For many born an-, it remained hidden, abandoned and forgotten ... It is in 1887 that a young hotelier Piedmont, Antoine Sella fell under its spell. He then took two years to Antoine Sella to restore this forgotten treasure.
In January 1889, the Grand Hotel du Cap opens. By 1900, the Grand Hotel du Cap beginning to attract a luxurious clientele. Antoine Sella, then manager of the establishment, has big plans for the hotel. A clear vision of luxury that requires significant funds. It was Lord Onslow, British high personality and client, which will provide the necessary funds for Antoine Sella to acquire the hotel. It then becomes owner of the Grand Hotel du Cap in 1903. At that time the people of Cannes and Nice were accustomed to visit the gardens of Villa Nelly Roc, the carriage ride was part of weekly outings residents region. Thus André Sella had the brilliant idea in 1914 to build on the edge of the Mediterranean in the continuity of the large main avenue of the Grand Hotel du Cap, an annex serving tea room for passersby. André Sella and proposed to drivers along the facility to stop at the tea room for a Louis d'or in order to recover the local clientele. Thus was born in 1914 Annex called "Eden Roc".
A century of history
Built in 1914, the Eden Roc pavilion was originally the tea room of the Grand Hotel du Cap, frequented by sovereigns, maharajas, businessmen and artists living in the Cap d'Antibes. It was at this time that the iconic saltwater pool is carved into basalt stone. For many years, the Grand Hotel du Cap remains a winter destination. At the time, the French Riviera was indeed considered by high society as an unhealthy and unsuitable place in summer. Despite this skepticism André Sella long observed the nurses of the Red Cross
enjoy the weather to cool off in the water. Ment actually the hotel had been born réquisition- by the French Red Cross as a hospital for war wounded. That's when he decided to build a seawater pool for its customers and develop the summer season. André Sella becomes the precursor of the summer season on the French Riviera.
More on the website of the Hotel Eden Roc Cap d�Antibes : http://www.hotel-du-cap-eden-roc.com/fr/accueil/