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Eurocopter H145

The H145M (previously known as the EC645 T2) is an economical and versatile military helicopter covering the entire spectrum of military missions, from light utility to light attack. The H145M delivers the reliability and low operating costs of Airbus Helicopters’ multi-role EC145, which is a rotorcraft of reference for law enforcement organizations and military services – including the U.S. Army, with its UH-72A Lakota version.
The H145M is equipped with a modern digital glass cockpit, night vision goggle compatability, and Airbus Helicopters’ advanced Helionix® avionics suite with a 4-axis digital autopilot.
The H145M’s power, range, endurance and payload capability provide a multitude of deployment possibilities, especially when operating in high-and-hot conditions at altitudes of 6,000 ft. and temperatures of 95 deg. F.

Mission readiness of the H145M is enhanced by the rotorcraft’s two Turbomeca Arriel 2E engines with dual-channel full-authority digital engine controls (FADEC), Airbus Helicopters’ Fenestron® tail rotor for improved anti-torque authority, and an upgraded transmission.

In service as the U.S. Army’s Light Utility Helicopter, the UH-72A Lakota version has demonstrated an availability rate of greater than 90 percent.
Enhancements include an upgraded transmission system and incorporation of Airbus Helicopters’ signature Fenestron® shrouded tail rotor for improved anti-torque control.

For armed operations, the rotorcraft carries a mission computer, two rigid multi-purpose armament pylons that are easily removable, an infrared/TV electro-optical system, and a laser range-finder/designator/pointer. With its open system architecture, this innovative weapon system contributes to full situational awareness for the crew.
Equipped with an incremental modular weapon system, the H145M can handle all types of operational scenarios, from conventional to asymmetric conflicts.

Ballistic and guided weapons compatible with the H145M include 7- and 12-tube rocket launchers, a 20-mm. cannon pod, 12.7-mm machine gun pod and air-to-ground missiles. Growth potential exists for laser-guided rockets.